Courtesy of Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

A 12-year-old male student from the Ninilchik School is in custody after making threats about bringing a gun to school. According to an Alaska State Troopers dispatch posted Thursday, Troopers received a call from a concerned parent Tuesday about the student.

Troopers determined the student had made repeated threats and planned to bring a gun to school. Troopers took the student into custody and transported him to the Kenai Youth Facility.

Courtesy of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

Representatives from the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation were in Homer Tuesday to hold a community meeting on the state’s gasline project. Vice President of Communications Rosetta Alcantra gave a presentation on the pipeline and fielded questions from a few Homer residents.

The 807-mile pipeline would run from the North Slope to Nikiski, about 100 miles north of Homer. Residents wanted to know how the project might benefit the Southern Kenai Peninsula.

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is facing a $3 million deficit this year. The district intends to reduce that figure by using roughly one million from its savings. Budget deficits have been a constant theme for the district since the state hit hard financial times over the past few years, and up until now, the district has avoided budget cuts to the classroom. But those cuts may be hard to avoid this year.

Courtesy of Clayton Arndt

About 130 Homer High School students walked out of class Wednesday to show solidarity with the 17 victims of the shooting in Parkland Florida earlier this month. Several students walked out of the school with signs supporting gun control, but student organizers say the walkout wasn’t just about the contentions debate over guns in the U.S. and that it was aimed at promoting change around safety in schools.

Sign announcing Auction Block's closure on its front door.Credit Aaron Bolton, KBBI NewsEdit | Remove

With the halibut and the summer fishing seasons just around the corner, the immediate outlook for a large, closed down fish buyer and processor on the Homer Spit is grim. But there is hope the business may be sold and back in operation within in the year.

Sugt'stun Word of the Week - February 19, 2018

Feb 20, 2018
Creative Commons

Pikiilluku  -  To give a gift

Pikiisk'gkaa anguka pilaamek.

I gfited my friend a chainsaw.

Renee Gross, KBBI News

Kachemak Selo, a small Russian Old Believer village at the head of Kachemak Bay, is desperate for a new school building. Deteriorating infrastructure and limited space has plagued the community for years. However, progress toward a new school is happening. The state dedicated about $10 million toward building a new school in 2016, and on Friday, the community choose a building site. A new school isn’t guaranteed just yet. The community still needs to convince Kenai Peninsula Borough residents to vote in favor of paying for the rest of the roughly $16 million project.  

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Common murres have had a few bad years. The unusual warm weather temperatures, known as the blob, dramatically shifted the availability of their food supply in the Gulf of Alaska, starving thousands of birds to death. And most murres stopped breeding. But there is some good news. A small amount of baby murres are hatching again in colonies from the Gulf of Alaska to the Bering Sea.

It’s not unusual for common murres to have die-offs. But Heather Renner, a supervisory biologist at the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, said the die-off a few years ago was unprecedented.

Courtesy of Alaska Legislature

Alaska State Representative Paul Seaton of Homer spoke with KBBI's Kathleen Gustafson on Feb. 16 for an update from the 30th legislative session.

Boys and Girls Club

After-school programming options have been slim for working parents in Homer, and earlier release times for elementary students, which went into effect this fall, have only accentuated parents' needs for consistent after-school care. Local schools are heeding parents' calls and are working to re-instate a Boys and Girls club. But there’s still logistics to be figured out.

Sarah Richardson has two kids. Her five-year-old is at Paul Banks Elementary and her eight-year-old is at West Homer Elementary. This year, she’s put a lot of mileage on her car picking them up.


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